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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Addicted to DG

Dan will be very excited because our two new “Expert” books by Dr DG Hessayon have arrived – The Bedding Plant Expert and The Flower Arranging Expert. If you’ve seen the show then you’ll know that we are huge fans of Dr Hessayon who is our hero because he knows everything there is to […]

Road to Ropsley

We had a somewhat hair-raising trip to our last show in Lincolnshire on Sunday as our destination – Ropsley – was pretty much cut off by snow drifts covering all roads into the village. After several aborted attempts to reach Ropsley, I started to wonder if we’d ever get there and whether – for […]

Spot on Scott-on

He are some more proud graduates from the Can You Dig It? academy of vegetable instrument excellence. All our scholars in Scotton successfully made cucumber trumpets and played several haunting melodies including Three Blind Mice and Ilkley Moor Bar T’at. We enjoyed doing the show in Scotton – not be confused with its nearby […]

Snowy Lincolnshire

We are enjoying ourselves in Lincolnshire despite the fact snow has fallen during the night. I wonder if there is snow on my allotment at home. Yesterday we did a vegetable instrument workshop with children at Brocklesby Park Primary School and then a show at Great Limber Village Hall where my Mirandometer went into […]

Was jealousy the motive for shed attack?

I have just given a statement to the police about my shed break in. The nice young PC who came to the allotment to view the damage seemed keen to finger one of my fellow allotmenteers. He speculated that someone might have attacked my shed because they were “jealous” – jealous of my nice, […]

Shed break in!

DISASTER! Someone has broken into my shed, ripping both doors off their hinges even though the shed was not locked! This is a very mean-spirited burglary as I never lock my shed because the doors don’t really close properly and they could easily have broken in without breaking anything. Maybe the thieves were cross […]

Gold leaf

We enjoyed two great shows in Glenfield and Queniborough in Leicestershire on Saturday and Sunday. We are always delighted with the effort local promoters make both to plug the show and make us feel welcome. In Glenfield they had adorned the tin for drawing the raffle with pictures of me and Dan and […]

Laurel and Tardy

I just received a worried email from our allotment society, telling me that Southwark’s Parks Department have insisted on removing the cherry laurels from the fence around our site. Apparently the laurels leak toxins, which are “really bad news” for the council’s officially protected trees. The trouble is, now the vegetation has been removed, […]

Maggot Man

After a fun show in Hinckley last night we hot-footed it to BBC Radio Leicester this morning to be on the breakfast show with the lovely Monica Winfield. We were on after a phone interview with a man who had just spent six hours in bath of maggots for Comic Relief. He’d planned to […]


Here are my seed potatoes chitting in my living room. I am growing two different types of potato this year – Pentland Javelin (first early) and Nicola (second early). Excitingly I found out the other day that my friend’s grandfather actually invented the Pentland Javelin and all other Pentland potatoes – if you can […]