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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Bag lady

This is me in one of my new potato sacks. I ordered them on the internet and they are a bit bigger than I was expecting. I haven’t grown enough potatoes to need a bag this big.


It’s official: my most successful crop this year is green tomatoes. None of those boring red tomatoes for me. I have successfully grown 16 pounds of green tomatoes, which takes a lot of skill. As you can see, I have grown several different varieties of green tomato including green cherry tomatoes and green plum […]

Emergency plan

We had a fabulous time doing the show in Carlby in Lincolnshire last night with a lovely audience that included members of the Carlby Gardening Club, who were delighted to be upgraded to the Carlby Horticultural Society in our Gardeners’ Question Time song.

They’re clearly very nice and trusting in Carlby as they left […]

Flower power

This is Dan doing a sound check before our show in Twyford in Leicestershire last night. We were quite pleased with the flowery curtains as we felt they added to the horticultural ambiance. Even better were the lovely posies handpicked from the garden by one of our hosts – see below.

Tonight we’re doing […]

Humungous cucumber

My allotment neighbour gave me this giant cucumber this morning. It would be about two foot long, if it was straight. It is much bigger than any of the cucumbers I have ever managed to grow. However, when it comes to cucumbers, size is not important. Dan and I are off to Leicestershire tomorrow […]

It is all true

I was feeling somewhat jaded this morning after a long drive back from Shropshire in the dead of night. However, I have been re-invigorated thanks to a trip to my allotment this morning and a spot of digging, which has sent the blood coursing through my veins. A lot of people ask us if […]

Dan v the daddy-long-legs

We enjoyed a fun show in Chelmarsh last night, marred only by the appearance of a host of daddy-long-legs in our changing area. I would not describe myself as squeamish as I will happily pick up frogs, worms, slugs and spiders. However, for some reason I have a morbid dread of daddy-long-legs, which, I […]

Sights of Salop

We have seen many wondrous sights during our sojourn in Shropshire including this giant wicker watering can in the car park at Dobbies Garden World near our hotel in Shrewsbury. Shropshire – or Salop – is rife with garden centres including the exciting Percy Thrower’s Gardening Centre named after the great man who lived […]

Street veg

Dan and I have spent quite a lot of time driving round rural England recently and admiring the beautiful countryside and lush vegetation. It makes a welcome change to the unlovely outer London borough where I live. However, here is proof that even my dull home town can be improved with the addition of […]

Carrot surplus

Dan and I were left with a surplus of carrots after our vegetable instrument-making workshop at the Kirgate in Cockermouth so I have been making a huge vat of carrot and tomato soup – the tomatoes are from my allotment.

In exciting news, Dan and I have officially been inducted into the World Carrot […]