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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Wrestling and sausages

Touring West Cumbria has proved to be an education. Last night we were in Waberthwaite (pronounced Wobberthwaite) the proud home of the Cumberland Sausage and also a centre for Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. Our venue was Waberthwaite Village Hall. We felt very at home because right outside the door was a flourishing vegetable garden. […]

We nearly get arrested

Dan and I are having a very exciting time in West Cumbria. We really enjoyed last night’s show in Lamplugh (pronounced Lampla) although the show nearly had to be cancelled for technical reasons when I opened this packet of sprouts, the last packet of sprouts in Co-op in Keswick, to discover that they had […]

Here we Cumbria!

Dan and I are kicking off the autumn 2012 leg of the Can You Dig It? tour tonight – the first of four shows in West Cumbria. It’s very exciting. Tonight we’re in Lamplugh. Oh and listen out for us on BBC Cumbria’s breakfast show tomorrow. I must now rush off to catch a […]

Olympeek! We win the Carrot Olympics!!!!

Dan and I are glowing orange with pride having triumphed in the most prestigious sporting contest to come to the UK this summer – the Carrot Olympics. We’re delighted to announce that our rendition of the theme tune to children’s cartoon The Mysterious Cities of Gold on panpipe carrots and carrot occarina, scooped the […]

Les tomates

Voila un lovely bowl of homegrown tomatoes that the lady who owns our gite has just brought round. I wonder how my tomates are getting on en Angleterre.

Giant pumpkin!

Mon dieu! Regarde this pumpkin enorme! Je suis en vacances in France at the moment and I found this is in the local newspaper. Fabrice Boudyo already holds the record for the biggest (heaviest) pumpkin in France with his 2007 effort weighing in at 553kg. However, this monster looks set to smash that as […]