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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Mr Potato Head

AAAAGH! Look at this scary potato, which I unearthed at my allotment this morning. I’m too scared to go to sleep now in case I dream about it.

Space invader

Unfortunately the shed on my allotment is only three quarter size so not big enough for me to get into when it rains. However, I discovered the ideal solution to downpour misery the other day when the clouds opened. Quick as a lightning flash, I donned this cloche to act as a rain hat. […]

In a pickle

I have been busy pickling cucumbers that I grew on my allotment. Pickled cucumbers/gherkins are one of my favourite things to eat.

To whoever stole this giant pumpkin…

Scandal at the allotment! My friend Tomato Man’s giant pumpkin has been stolen! This is a picture of the space where the giant pumpkin used to be. As you can see, Tomato Man had built a mini fence around it, showing it really was quite big. He is very upset that his precocious pumpkin […]

Full of beans

It’s National Allotments Week with allotmenteers up and down the country hosting parties on their plots. I am celebrating by giving presents to all my friends. I say “presents” but I mainly mean marrows as I have a massive surplus plus too many French beans and runner beans. I managed to give a big […]

The Mysterious Cities of Gold. played on the carrots

To celebrate Team GB’s success, we play the theme tune to The Mysterious Cities of Gold on instruments we made from carrots.

Going for Olympic gold

While Team GB has been raking in the gold medals at the London 2012 Olympics, Dan and I have been in intense training for the vegetable world equivalent – the Carrot Olympics. Like other elite perfomers, we too have our sights firmly set on GOLD. Run by the British Carrot Growers’ Association, the Carrolympics […]