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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Slugs! Get outta my face!

I am being persecuted by slugs! When I got home last night I found this horrible specimen in my living room, come to take revenge for our Slug Rap.

Meanwhile on my allotment I am being persecuted by ants, who have shredded the Alan peas. I hate them […]

A tale of two seed trays

Hmm. This is what the village of Bleasdale made of our Greenfingers Challenge. We’re reliably informed that there are seeds planted in this tray in some kind of riotous jumble. The veg on top is mainly for decoration but is a nice touch, I feel. One of Dan’s carrot panpipes has even made its […]

Broccoli babe

Here I am harvesting the last few bits of this year’s bounteous crop of purple sprouting broccoli and also modelling the lastest fashion trend – vegetables. As you can see my glamorous cardigan is covered in chillis. Vegetables are in! And if you don’t own some vegetable clothes then you’re a loser! At least […]

Let battle commence!

The kale planted by the good people of Didcot when we did our show at the Cornerstone Arts Centre in south Oxfordshire has come up. I am impressed with the neatness of this row of seedlings. However, there is no sign of the sweetcorn also planted in Didcot. It may have been drowned by […]

Peas on earth to Alan (not all men)

I have just spent a good couple of hours planting out the “Alan” peas sown by our lovely audience in Berwick upon Tweed. I also did some strimming with my cordless strimmer. My annoying allotment neighbour, who has his very own song in the show (unbeknownst to him), was on his plot, also strimming. […]

Complete and utter excitement!

Eek! I am trembling with excitement having just got my hands on a SIGNED copy of Dr DG Hessayon’s latest Expert book – The Complete Garden Expert, or “The Expert you have been waiting for”, as it says on the front cover. If you’ve seen the show then you’ll know we devote quite a […]

We did Didcot

We ‘did’ Didcot on Saturday with a fun show at the Cornerstone Arts Centre. This is a photo of Dan ‘chillaxing’ in our dressing room during the interval. You can see me taking his photo in the mirror. The audience embraced our Greenfingers Challenge and below you can see  two trays of seeds – […]

Cucumber coffin

We’ve been busy being on the radio today. This unusual ‘table’ is where Dan lovingly hand-crafted a series of cucumber trumpets for the Jack FM breakfast show team to play. It’s actually a real coffin with what looks like some kind of dog or fox trapped in it although I don’t think it is […]

Gardening celebrity stalker is not me

Some of you may have read the amazing story of how brave Alan Titchmarsh helped rid fellow gardening celeb Diarmuid Gavin of a stalker who’d been making his life a misery. I’d just like to clarify that the stalker or “crazed fan” is not me. I would never follow Diarmuid Gavin around. Alan is […]