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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.


I must email/call/tweet/instant message/write to/telegraph/page/fax Alan Titchmarsh to tell him how well his pea tribute is doing. The good burghers of Berwick-upon-Tweed planted this and it has come up. You can nearly tell what it says.

My Twitter campaign to get Alan to notice me has not worked, if three people sending Tweets can […]

Compost confession

I would like to make a public apology to staff on the train from Shropshire to London on Sunday evening who had to clear up the pile of compost I left under my seat. I am very sorry. I tried to scoop most of it up but there was still a mound the size […]

Hoppy days

This was an exciting moment for Can You Dig It? – our first outdoor performance in a real-life vegetable garden. We couldn’t have had better weather or a more lovely setting – the King Henry’s Walk Garden, Islington – a brilliant community project that sees local residents grow their own in this beautifully-designed space […]

Danglebert Womperdinck

I’m trying to persuade Dan to change his name. I want him to change it to Danglebert Womperdinck. I will now explain why. As those of you who have seen our extended touring show will know, it features our very own potential Eurovision hit. It’s a brilliant, quintessentially British song – written by Dan […]

May the force be with rhu(barb)

I am feeling quite pleased and smug having successfully forced some rhubarb under an old bin. It has come up beautiful day-glo pink and yellow and I’m looking forward to tasting it. Here I am picking off some mini-slugs. In the background is my purple sprouting broccoli patch, which is also doing very well. […]

Pruning pains

Yesterday I attempted to prune my fruit trees and bushes. Pruning is a mystic art. If you get it right, your fruit trees and bushes will throng with fruit that you will spend the rest of the year making into chutneys, jellies and jams. Get it wrong and your fruit havest will be pathetic […]

Who is he?

Here is an unflattering photo of me getting over-excited by the fact a poster for our show is displayed in the window of a “gents hairstylist” called Inness’s. Could the eponymous Mr Inness possibly be called John? We do hope so although he spells his name slightly differently to the mystery man of compost. […]

Hands off, he’s mine!

Look what the creative citizens of Berwick-upon-Tweed made of our seed-sowing task at our recent show at The Maltings Theatre. It seems some members of the audience share my passion for a certain pint-sized gardening guru, although I don’t know if Alan would approve of how closely they have planted these peas. We shall […]

Raspberry cripple

I’m feeling a bit stiff today as I spent a good few hours down the allotment yesterday tending my raspberry bed – my first real allotment workout of the year. My annoying allotment neighbour was there – those of you who have seen the show will know who I mean. “I see you’ve survived […]