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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Compostess with the mostess

When we claimed our flyers were 100 per cent compostable we were not lying. Here I am daintily putting leftover Edinburgh flyers into my compost bin. Dan has also crammed his compost bin with flyers, he says. In this photo you can also see the splendid new trug I got for my birthday. It […]

EXCLUSIVE: Rodney news

Exciting news about Rodney the chilli plant, one of the stars of the Can You Dig It? live show: he’s about to produce his first, and probably only, chilli. In the show he plays a pathetic, ailing plant that meets an untimely end. But in real life he is a consumate acting professional who […]

Horror carrots

Aaagh! Look at these scary carrots, or scarrots, as I like to call them. Imagine how frightened I was when I unearthed these hideously deformed mutants at my allotment today. I fear this is the consequence of my lax attitude towards thinning. I basically didn’t bother and probably sowed (sew?) the seeds too closely […]

Rivers of raspberries

I am drowning in raspberries. At the moment I am harvesting this amount of fruit nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is very hard to keep up. I have raspberries coming out of my ears. They’re coming at me in such huge quantities that all I can do is shove them in the freezer to […]