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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Our CD is on sale today

It looks and sounds beautiful, and we’re very excited. You can buy it using the links on the right. It’s also available for download on Amazon and all good MP3 sites.

It features 16 original comic songs about growing your own. Unlike our previous work, there are no explicit lyrics, so you can […]

Our CD is on sale tomorrow!

Our CD will be available to buy on this website from tomorrow! We’re very pleased with it, and we think it breaks new ground in the genre of vegetable-cultivation-based musical comedy.

It will be available on all good download sites either tomorrow or shortly afterwards, we’re told.

If you can’t wait, here’s a track […]

Potato present

Normally audiences bring vegetables to a show for only one reason – to throw them at the performers. So imagine my delight when I was presented with this bag of homegrown potatoes as a lovely gift after our performance today. These are genuine allotment potatoes nurtured in Scottish soil by the sister of the […]

Carrot earrings!

Dan’s lovely wife Amy managed to find me the perfect good luck gift – these amazing carrot earrings. Dan nearly forgot to give them to me, probably because he was so focused on making our first show a success. Well, dear readers, I am glad to say that his focus paid off and the […]

The joy of sacks

Eek! It’s our first show this afternoon. Eek! And there is still lots to sort out including sourcing 72 tonnes of potatoes to fill these Can You Dig It? branded sacks. Where can we buy 72 tonnes of potatoes for about £1.50 total? Rhian our lovely stage manager and I made the sacks yesterday. […]

Spud you like

Like Dan I feel at home in my new temporary abode, which belongs to a kindred spirit, judging by this poster in the kitchen. My top three Scottish seed potatoes are the Pentland Hawk, the Epicure and the Ulster Chieftain (although isn’t Ulster in Ireland?). Unlike Dan, who has been spying on his neighours, […]

We are carefully transplanted

I’ve arrived at my flat in Edinburgh, ready for our month-long run of Can You Dig It? at the Royal Botanic Garden. It was a pleasant journey, marred only by Jo Stephenson’s disparaging comments when she saw me pulling a wheeled suitcase. Jo has what I would describe as a reactionary attitude to wheeled […]

We’re on our way!

Dan and I are on the same train to Edinburgh. However, I am in first class and Dan is in third class, I think. While I have been enjoying free coffee, booze and food, Dan has probably been eating dust and drinking the tears of all the crying babies in his compartment. I am […]

Cream of the crop

Jo’s prize-winning allotment cake

Behold my award-winning allotment cake, which not only won FIRST PRIZE for “overall appearance and originality” but was also judged OVERALL WINNER of the large cakes section at my friend’s village fete-themed wedding. One of the songs in Can You Dig It? is about a man who will go […]