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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Dan blows his own trumpet (again)

Recording of the Can You Dig It? CD is entering its final phase. Yesterday we recorded what is perhaps the musical piece de resistance of the show – Dan’s cucumber trumpet. Each trumpet is a work of art and must be lovingly hand-crafted not long before it is due to be played for optimum […]

Preview prep

I have just got back from my allotment where I harvested my first French beans and runner beans of the year, which I will eat for dinner tonight to fortify myself for tomorrow’s first full preview of Can You Dig It? I also stuffed my face with delicious raspberries, which are bound to be […]

My glamorous showbiz lifestyle

National Shed Week

Yes. This week is National Shed Week. I shall be celebrating by tidying my shed. I hope Dan plans to do the same because his shed is incredibly untidy and makes veins in my head throb. In honour of National Shed Week here is a photo of Dan peeping out of his untidy shed.


Crouching Tiger

Dan worshipping a gourd plant.

Every gardener has their own little rituals. Here we see Dan praying to the Allotment Gods to make his gourd plant big and strong. Or he may be demonstrating his new trademarked allotment exercise regime, ‘Allotmercise’ and a move he likes to call ‘Touching the Soil’. It’s very […]