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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Beauty is in the eye of the plot-holder

Look at all these beautiful vegetables I have grown! This is just a small sample of the produce pouring forth from my allotment at the moment. In this picture you can see lovely big potatoes, giant beetroot, white onions, red onions, shallots, French beans, runner beans, long courgettes and round courgettes. The big leaves […]

Can You Dig It? in the Scotsman

Our album is very scary

We’ve finished all the studio work on the Can You Dig It? album, and Nick, maestro of all technology, has done some stuff with a computer and wires that makes it sound wonderful.

The final stage, before the album can be pressed, is to create a “master CD” with all the tracks in the […]

How to make a cucumber trumpet

Here’s a little video of me making a cucumber trumpet for the recording of our album. It looks ruder than it actually is, and I have a feeling Jo filmed it this way on purpose to annoy me.

I’m not very good at making them yet – we’re going to have to create […]

Dan takes a bow

We have spent the last couple of days listening to near final versions of the tracks for the Can You Dig It? CD. It sounds great. We’re very lucky to have such a creative and talented record producer in the form of Nick Trepka and I’m very lucky to have Dan, who is some […]

Growing Underground

Dan and I got through another successful preview of Can You Dig It? yesterday. One of the highlights was the first outing for ANOTHER vegetable instrument – the carrot pan pipes. They were a big hit. But perhaps the most exciting aspect of the evening was discovering that the staff at Warwick Avenue tube […]

The worst idea Dan has ever had

I fear the success of Dan’s cucumber trumpet has gone to his head because yesterday he had some kind of brainstorm and tried to to make a musical instrument out of a chilli. The flaws in this scheme would have been obvious to a weak-minded child with water on the brain but Dan […]

A marrow escape

We’ve been very busy recording our album and getting ready for the live show. (If you missed the first preview, we’ve got another one on 20 July at the Canal Cafe, which will be the last chance to see the show before we head up to Edinburgh.)

What with all the excitement, I hadn’t […]

Gardening is not a game, Dan

A few days ago Dan sent me a link to a sort of online gardening game on Kew Gardens’ website. You basically have to try and care for a plant by giving it the right amount of water, sunlight, food etc. Twitter comes into it somewhere too. So I had a go, starting with […]

And the beet grows on

To beet or not to beet

Alas, poor beetroot, I grew him, Horatio. This is me admiring one of the large and luscious beetroots I grew on my allotment. Is ‘beetroots’ the plural of beetroot or is it just ‘beetroot’? I am sure Dan would know. He’d certainly be able to tell me […]