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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

Weed shall not be moved

All this rain has been excellent for my crops but has also led to an explosion of weeds. I have been attacking them with my hoe but it’s like that scene in the final Lord of the Rings film when the goodies are surround by orcs and can’t possibly win. The worst of the […]

Can I Dig It? Yes!

Here is proof we’re not making it all up. This is me actually doing some digging. I am trying to make more space for gourd banjos and cucumbers. My first banjo plants are under the transparent domes in the background. Dan has been crowing in an obnoxious manner because one has already been […]

Chords for gourds

We were thrilled to have banjo maker Flatfoot Johnny in the studio on Saturday, recording a track for our album. You can have a look at some of his beautiful handmade banjos on his website. On the track he plays a fretless gourd banjo.

In exchange for playing on the album, Jo and I […]

Gnome sweet gnome

There is a new addition to my allotment: Heathcliff the gnome. Here he is guarding my beans. When I told Dan about Heathcliff, he gave me a scornful look and said he couldn’t understand why anyone would want a gnome. But Dan is silly and wrong. I think Heathcliff is very jolly and […]

Bad mood

I am in a bad mood because of an ‘incident’ at my allotment this morning. I arrived in a good mood but sunshine soon turned to clouds when I was yet again greeted by one of my allotment neighbours with the cheery cry: “Hello, part-timer!” He added insult to injury by looking at his […]

I’ve got a little list

Dan and I were left physically and emotionally drained after the first recording session for the Can You Dig It? CD. Our mistake was stuffing our faces with doughnuts instead of munching carrot sticks and other wholesome vegetable snacks. Nevertheless we managed to rattle through 15 songs in total with another three or so […]


It’s all go! Not only is the Fringe brochure out today, but we’re gearing up to start recording the Can You Dig It? CD on Saturday. This is very exciting. We shall be recording the bulk of the album at Fortress Studios working with record producer and all-round musical genius Nick Trepka, who didn’t […]