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Where have we been?

Our ambition is to tour Can You Dig It? to every county in the UK.

June is bustin’ out all over

My garden is prettiest in June.


Boots ban

Dan and I are used to getting changed in unusual places. But our show at The Pavilion in Hindringham on Easter Saturday was the first time we’ve been allocated a football dressing room.


When we arrived at the venue two local football teams were mid-way through an important match. We got to use the Away dressing room when all the footballers had gone home. Unfortunately we had to resist the temptation to give our wellies a quick rinseas there was a sign explicitly prohibiting the cleaning of boots in the showers.

Dressing room

We really enjoyed doing the show at this lovely venue. Out next stop is the Horniman Muesum in South East London when we’ll be peforming at a FREE “Spring Rites” family day on April 6.


I HAVE been digging/forking!


Some people don’t believe Dan and I really do have allotments but we do. I have been taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend to do some digging/forking on mine.

Tomorrow – Easter Saturday – we’re off to Norfolk again. Woo! We’ll be doing the show at the Pavilion in Hindringham.

Inundated with Experts

During our recent run of shows in Norfolk with Creative Arts East, we have be fortunate to preform in front of some luminaries of the gardening world, including international rose expert Lieutenant Colonel Ken Grapes, who helped our friend Dr DG Hessayon write The Rose Expert, which could have been the title of Keith’s autobiography but isn’t. We were also delighted to meet leading cereal disease expert Professor James Brown, who introduced himself to us as the “Godfather of cereal diseases”. Actually, he said something in Latin but I can’t remember what – anyway, it meant cereal disease (I think). His publications include “Quantitative trait loci for partial resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola in Arabidopsis thalina”, “Is too much risk assessment risky?” and “Little else but parasites”. In worrying news, it seems there is a shortage of cereal disease experts, which is threatening the health of trees and plants.

We have not only met experts in plants and gardening but also musical comedy. We were excited to meet the lovely Jenny Bede when we did our show at The Coach and Horses in Dersingham.

Can You Dig It Up?


We were amused by this big sign, which would be perfect for our new show about grave digging/robbing.

Behind the scenes

me me

We’re back in Norfolk! Woo! This is a behind-the-scenes shot taken during the interval of our show at the Cley Marshes Visitor Centre last night. Cley Marshes is an amazing nature reserve with stunning views. We arrived in daylight so had a chance to appreciate the scenery. However, it was dark when we left and we were – yet again – questioned by the police! This is the third time we have been stopped by police while on tour so it is clear Dan and I look very suspicious or possibly lost and confused, which is sometimes the case.

We stayed in a very comfy B&B in Fakenham called Erika’s Bed and Breakfast. I was particularly pleased to find some cuppa soup in my room. Obviously this was not nearly as nice as “allotment soup” – see above – but it was a welcome late-night snackette. Tonight we are at another pub – The Coach and Horses in Dersingham.

Allotment soup


This is “allotment  soup”, which was served in the interval of our show at The Mermaid in Elsing last weekend –  the perfect accompaniment to a night of vegetable cultivation-based musical comedy. We enjoyed doing the show very much and the soup was very tasty.

Poor Rodney


Here is a picture of poor Rodney. I recently re-potted him and have given him some plant food so still have hope he can recover but Dan says it may be time for him to retire.

We enjoyed doing the show in Sedgeford last night. Tonight we are at The Mermaid Inn in Elsing, near Dereham.

Crowning glory



We did what we think is our very first full show in a pub last night – The Banningham Crown in the village of Banningham. It was a fun night with a lovely audience. We’ll be popping up in a few more pubs as part of this latest run of shows with Creative Arts East. However, tonight we are at Sedgeford Village Hall.

It’s great to be back on tour. However, we are very worried about our friend and colleague Rodney the chilli plant. He has been performing with us since our very first show in 2011 but is not looking at all well. To make matters worse, he suffered a slight accident last night and fell out of his pot when we were unpacking the tour bus. He is very professional so insisted the show must go on despite the mishap and he says he will be performing tonight in Sedgeford too. I am keeping my fiingers crossed that it is not all too much.

One potato, three potato

I am a bit behind so have only just got round to chitting my potatoes.


I am planning on growing three classic varieties this year – Pentland Javelin, Maris Piper and Nicola. I have spread my seed potatoes out on a copy of Waitrose Weekend, which is very middle-class. Dan chits his on a copy of Socialist Worker.

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Next Shows

6 April 2016
Horniman Museum London SE23 3PQ
11:30, 13:30 & 15:00

Jo Stephenson and Dan Woods are real-life allotment holders and two of the UK's finest comic songwriters.

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